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Harry Kikstra, Earth
Member Since February 2007
Artist Statement Who am I?

Harry Kikstra, a climber/expedition leader/ photographer/ filmmaker/ producer/ writer/ public speaker/ cyclist and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors. I have climbed the 7 continental highpoints and have travelled a lot and will not stop soon, though normally I am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Please visit my galleries:
- Landscapes: Mountains, sunsets, places

- Life: Street scenes, daily life

- Smiles: Children's portraits, smiling people & funny

- Spirituality: Monks, Prayer flags, Cathedrals, Mosques etc

- Russia: people & places

- Flora & Fauna: Tulips, animals

Contact me if you want other images or galleries from ExposedPlanet and I will add them.

I, Harry Kikstra, have started ExposedPlanet.comnot only as a way to show my portfolio, but also to share the beauty of our planet. Nowadays negative press & media might make people scared of everything foreign or different: culture, religion, people and the places themselves. This xenophobia is taking over our lives and prevents us from seeing the real world as it is: a wonderful place with beautiful people. There are no bad or evil countries, religions or people. There is bad and good people in every culture, including your own.

I hope I can share a bit of the amazement I have enjoyed while travelling the 7 continents. The more I see, the more I know I still have to see and I will. Life is too short to focus on not-existing enemies & fears.

The posters here all have small borders, with the name of the image and "ExposedPlanet" on them. If needed, they can be cut off or covered with a mat, if you just want to look at the subject only. If needed, I can upload a 'clean' version, just ask. Also please let me know if you are looking for a specific image or subject, as there are many more where these came from and I might be able to help you out, see also my website for a few hundred examples.

These images will also show more of the culture and other nature that is to be found on our 7 continents. I hope that it will sparkle your imagination, make you curious or even just educate you a bit, being maybe the 3 most important aspects of society in my view. A picture can say more than a 1000 wars and can maybe help understand the world around us. It's a small place, so maybe we can make the best of it together..

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New: I am currently cycling from Alaska - Ushuaia, Argentina, visit for more photos & stories


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