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William Pitts, Los Angeles
Member Since December 2006
Artist Statement Photography exists as an artist unconfined expression of an alternative reality. A reality that has been sliced out of time and frozen for further review. A speciman of time travel preserved in silver for historical examination. A modern portable cave painting that depicts our current lives and talks to the future. A photographer views a scene and decides that something within the setting warrants a second look. The photographer focuses his/her vision on a particular section and visualizes the final image. Beyond all the technical information is the insight and intuition that recognizes an opportunity to speak to someone through an image. To convey a feeling, a mood, a perception or opinion, a message, a warning, an observation, a thought, a hope, a belief, a sound theory, a fantasy, or an all too true reality; this is how I see photography. To have someone look at an image and accept the reality of the image and then to question themselves about the motivation that led them to the ultimate mental confirmation of that image, that is my goal.

An image on first look is just the placement of silver particles arranged in some pattern. The brain receives this input through the eyes and reassembles them so the mind can make sense of the pattern and this is an image. The mind always seeks the sense in everything, the logical pattern. Once the pattern is found, or the conclusion that there is no pattern, then the viewer can take the exploration further.

Beyond this, I love light. It touches us all as the spirit does. When we see each other we are actually seeing a reflection of the light source. Without light we cease to exist to one another. We fade into the background and are absorbed by the darkness. We don't become shadows for they are by-products of the light but we visually cease to exist. It took me some time to see the importance of the light; to realize the true impact of it. I began to take it for granted, especially natural light. The true challenge is to work with what nature gives you. To have the "eye of appreciation and gratitude" is what I call it. To love the visual moment in all it has to offer and to capture it as completely as possible. I dedicate all my creative efforts to my mother for she has been my real teacher on how to accept my inspirations as they come and how to confront the challenges that arise.

William A. Pitts


Product No 3774042
Subjects Abstract, Floral & Plants, Floral & Still Life
Style Botanical
Tags Pitts, William, abstract, color, floral, flowers, nature, photography, roses, saturated