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Thomas Griffith, Hampden, Maine
Member Since April 2008
Artist Statement Artist Statement
Whether I am working on an abstract piece or one that leans more toward realism I strive to express emotion and life in that work. My styling is very much expressionistic with layers of opaque brushstrokes often counter balanced against washes. Viewers of my work often remark about being emotionally moved and about an intangible sense of life to the work. Ironically I have found over the years that the more I stray from life like the more life seems to exist in the art.

My interest in sciences such as biology and physics has been a large part of my inspiration. My style of painting has grown out of my fascination of how a large quantity of tiny seemingly chaotic parts can come together to form a beautiful seemingly organized whole. Often my abstract works are conceptualized because of something in the fields of science that I have read or listened to.

I am very interested in how even the simplest of form can tell some narrative. As long as I can remember I have always looked for a story in the images I see. Even if the story is simply of how a space interacts with form and texture. Even as I paint I think of the different elements of the images as actors in a scene and how they react to one another.

All of this comes together to give my work a great deal of emotional content and an interesting narrative. Nothing pleases me more than when someone tells me that one of my works moved them emotionally or when the viewer finds a story in the work that they can relate to. From my perspective the greatest gift that art gives is the sense of connection to others when shared.

"I like to find the good in people around me, and I am attracted to others by how caring they are, how they are driven to do the best they can for the world around them. I don't look for people that are perfect, wealthy and beautiful, just people that truly want to do good for others. I like people with that twinkle of life in their eyes near

I will outright tell people in my life I love them and I love hugs a lot. I will take great joy from popping out surprise hugs on people who get all uncomfortable with the unexpected gesture of friendship. Honestly I think more hugging could make great positive change in the world. When something is sad I tend to tear up fast. You can generally read my expressions like a book; I don't seem to do poker face well at all. I can honestly say I love that I have a strong feminine side. I lean towards nurturing and seek things that are pretty. I enjoy that I am soft while I am still very capable of mustering up strength to fight when absolutely necessary. I am very adventurous and love to be
challenged. I think of myself as being balanced in my nature.

I love music. Music is a big part of my life, and I am almost always listening to something new or something long cherished. I am particularly fond of piano music in the alternative rock style, and am
also an aspiring beginning pianist. I love to sit at the piano and just play around, exploring the workings of music. I will often play in between painting sittings to try and bring on my inner Muse. There is hardly a time when I am making art that music is not playing as loud as others will allow.

I love loud colorful socks, stripes in particular. My favorites are bright neon pink. I get a kick out of being casually dressed and hiding loud socks under pant legs, just screaming to pop out when I sit down and put my feet up.

Nature has always held a special place in my heart. Much of my childhood was spent exploring woods and streams. I love to camp, hike, Nordic ski and paddle. It's the adventure of getting someplace that
fewer people go to and the peace that nature has always rewarded me with. No one should be surprised to find me skipping and running up ahead to see what's around the corner or get to something that has caught my eye. Honestly we all need to get over ourselves and play.

I live with OCD. It does not define me, but my struggles with it h


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Subjects Abstract, Color, Irregular Forms, Organic
Style Abstract
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