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Chris Bryant, Connecticut
Member Since October 2007
Artist Statement I am just "dipping my toe in the water" so to speak here at ImageKind. If there is an interest in my work, I will go ahead and pull the trigger on a Platinum account. Until then, some info on myself... ________________________________________________________________ I have been exploring abandoned buildings for almost a decade, and for the most part I have only been videotaping my excursions. Lately I’ve been bringing a Nikon D50 along instead, and I have been happy with the results. Anyway, I would prefer some well lit stills than some shaky video any day. ________________________________________________________________ “Urban decay” as it’s called has intrigued me for a long time. All over the world there are structures that – at one time or another – was laboriously built and served some purpose. These places don’t just pop up on their own… workers spent months, years or even centuries (Notre Dame de Paris, for example) bleeding, sweating and sometimes dying to build them. Over time, a building or place may loose its reason to continue to function. The inhabitants will move out, the doors will close, and the life is gone. ________________________________________________________________ Now fast forward five, ten or fifty years to the present day. These structures are literally falling apart at the hands of nature. The roof may be leaking, vines are growing up the side, maybe a bad wind storm knocked loose a cracked piece of lattice work. Soon, many of these edifices will be either reclaimed by the earth or razed for something that is currently of more use. Unfortunately, that is usually a parking lot. ________________________________________________________________ My goal is to document as much of the building’s history though pictures as I can… because someday soon it will be gone.

________________________________________________________________ Complete biography coming soon...


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