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Jean Dayton, East Sussex
Member Since August 2011
Artist Statement I have a unique gift of sensing and interpreting the essence & energy of anything I put my attention to, and I express this energy in creative form through my Art. I am a Clairsentient and an Empath, whereby I am highly sensitive to the energies around me. By working with higher energies, or as I happily call it, Source Energy, I am able to sense finer, more subtle energies around me, and using this very clear channel together with my inner guidance, the work I create is both authentic and truly unique. I use a variety of media within my work; oil paints for their vibrancy & flow and mixed media of crystals which I enthuse with high vibrational energy, Source Energy. I also work with sea glass (which I ’harvest’ myself from nearby beaches on the South Coast - beachcombing is something I LOVE to do).

I am also inspired to create relaxing meditations which are largely based on the Law of Attraction, some of you may know about Rhonda Byrne’s film The Secret which is all about LOA. Through my own growth I have a strong desire to help others to grow and expand their consciousness too, this was the main reason for starting the Wellness Experiment on Youtube, which was an inspired idea; I just knew this was what I wanted to do to help others, aside from my art it was my way of expressing myself for the greater good of others. The whole experience has been one of joy and expansion for me. The feedback and personal emails that I’ve received from people from all over the world have touched me deeply and it is my intention to continue to share my  gifts in this way. Please visit the Wellness Experiment on YouTube

Having been a full time artist for a number of years, I truly believe people are drawn to my paintings from an energy level; they might not know consciously why they like a particular piece, it just ‘resonates’ with them, this is because the energy of the painting in part or whole resonates with their authentic self.  I sometimes don’t know why I paint what I do in terms of colour and shape, however I am always guided by my intuition and influenced by my surroundings, in particular nature and the sea. I always know that the right person with the right energy will come along at the right time for one of my paintings, for the home or workplace the painting is meant for. It’s a very rewarding and trusting way of working!  

Nowadays I work mainly on a commission basis for private & corporate clients, only selling my one-off pieces on my website as and when I am inspired to create them. By choosing me to paint for you I will capture the essence of you, your family, your home, your company through my artistic talent –  I can interpret the essence of what it is that you want in your life, your hearts desire, be it love, abundance & prosperity, success or to create a peaceful, healing environment within your home or workplace or just a Source Energy Art™  interpretation of your own unique essence – you will know what is right and true for you and I will interpret that essence for you through my Art Creations. Your painting will carry the essence of your Hearts Desire and will be a constant energy reminder to you every time you or anyone else looks at it, the synergy will be perfect, the painting will resonate with you, the painting will be completely aligned with the highest potential for you.

Please visit Jean’s Commissions page on her website for more information on how to commission your very own unique Abstract or Yacht painting. Jean sells her work in various galleries in the UK,  Ireland & Australia and her artwork can be found in UK and International private collections with many of her paintings being published in various home interior and yachting magazines. Jean currently lives in a beautiful little village on the East Sussex / Kent border working from her home based studio.


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