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Jose Maria Sosa, Mexico City
Member Since November 2009
Artist Statement I'm a digital artist with more than 20 years of experience in the world of digital creation. I went straight to the creative way of manipulating a computer when, in 1988 I bought my first computer because I saw an advertisement of a fabulous computer that was designed exactly for satisfying creative needs and besides, it was a bargain. It was the astounding Amiga.

Before that, I liked to draw the analog way and I developed a good technique drawing in pencil and made many experiments with other techniques, I also was an advanced amateur analog photographer. But all that ended when I met my Amiga. I have not stopped since then. Now it is a Mac, the Amiga is dead, but the spirit is the same. It is about digital creation.

So I live now with a series of well developed creative tools, software, hardware and knowlege that allows me to be a creative image producer. Always with a deep artistic feeling, developed through more than 40 years.

I'm happy when I'm creating. I find peace in the creative process.

By the way, my Art looks amazingly well when printed so, don't hesitate in buying it, you'll get high quality stuff.

Some of my Art is specially soft, mainly my abstract photography, and some is, by design, highly saturated. These sometimes leads to very poor compression of the images by the software here at Imagekind, and the image does not display very well at low resolution, but always try the bigger size views that Imagekind offers and see the Art with a little less compression artifacts. The important thing is that the prints look amazing. I have handled very carefully the files from which prints will be made (which are not the ones you see), to print very high quality.

Most of my Art is often sold at somewhat big sizes. This is because most is a kind of art that often tricks you into seeing things that are not there when seen from a distance, but when you get nearer, the Art reveals other things that you haven't seen before. Its something about how things work in virtual worlds. The mood is very special, you have to think differently, or you won't understand. Navigation through thiese paths is a very mood changing experience. I grabbed and selected the best moments of those experiences through the virtual world.

Within the virtual worlds' universe all the time are ocurrings events, reactions, collision. Some processes ocurr at amazing speeds, some others are painfully slow. Some of them are full of beauty and, in the end, are kind of innovative for our conditioned senses.

It captures you. It is a whole experience. It is a new mood experience. Often, they are intriguing and provoke profound thinking on your part.

My Abstract Photography mainly captures the Microcosmos of those virtual worlds, my 3D Art mainly captures the Macrocosmos of those worlds.

I'm an explorer of the virtual nature of the virtual world.

I spend a lot of time in expeditions through the path of the virtual creativity. It is always a pleasure. More often than not, I come back with a rewarding Art collection.

Most of the images shown here are the product of that expeditions. They show the world what I've seen in the virtual cosmos.

Hope you like them.

José María Sosa. Moods from Virtual Worlds. Innovative Ambients.

Mood Enhancing ART.


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Subjects Abstract, Dreamscapes, Irregular Forms, Motivational, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Spiritual & Religious, Spirituality
Style Abstract
Tags Jose Maria, Sosa, abstract, ambient, art, beauty, cool, decoration, decorative, entities, interior, magenta, mood, mood enhancing, motion, photograph, purple, slow, smooth, soft, spiral, virtual, virtual event, virtual life, vortex, wall