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Robbie Nuwanda
Member Since April 2015
Artist Statement I knew I was supposed to be an artist when at the age of 3 I said the word 'cobalt' which my parents mistook for a burp. I found that creating was a private thing so would hide myself away in a wardrobe and draw, rolling up my works and hiding them in the window seal. I progressed as an adolescent by making a circle of ripped up crisp packets around the desk I was at in the library in order to fuel my creativity by breaking up the conformity in the columns and rows of order. I have progressed in adulthood to painting and find that certain rituals aid the whole process, like banging the lids of biscuit tins loudly, stamping on crumpled up paper and licking the paintbrush before commencing in order to add some intimacy to the process of painting. Everytime I get stuck, I get someone to chuck mud at me and they hold up my clean clothes and perform a faux puppet show with it as an embarrassing tableau at my current deficiencies.

My art comes from unique moments that remind us of the fragility of special moments and sights mid action that one would want to hold and enjoy. It is about special moments in an imperfect and chaotic world. The biography above isn't true, it is just too hard (and dull) to say I'm self taught and like to paint more positive subject matters because my writing is drawn into more negative territory.


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Subjects Animals
Style Conceptual
Tags Nuwanda, Robbie, animals, veganism