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Modern Lines

Contemporary White

Natural Clear Maple

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Brian Gregory, chicago
Member Since December 2006
Artist Statement "composition, composition, composition" he said as he grabbed his camera, peered through the view finder, framed the shot...all that could be heard was the click of the shutter... you will discover the ongoing creative endeavors of brian gregory...working primarily with captured images (photographs that is) that are then modified, manipulated, spindled, folded and mutilated (metaphorically so) until the look and feel of the image emotionally satisfies's about being transported to a place and time that no longer is at hand...while a beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning may be spectacular, it is impossible to experience that exact sunrise a week, month or year from now, yet, it is compelling to try and recreate such an event as a work of art so it can be visited over and over...and when you can almost reach out and touch a moment like that, something truly mystical takes place...



Product No 180712
Subjects Baseball, Places, Sports & Recreation, United States
Style Fine Art
Tags MLB, at bat, balk, ball, base line, baseball, baseball hat, bat, bench, bleachers, brian, cap, catcher, center field, chicago, chicago cubs, clark and addison, coach, cubs, curve, curve ball, diamond, double, dugout, first base, first baseman, foul ball, foul tip, friendly confines, game, grass, gregory, hey hey, holy cow, home, home base, home plate, home run, in field, in the dirt, infield, ivy, jersey, knuckle ball, lead off, left field, mitt, mound, national league, north side, north siders, northside, northsiders, out field, outfield, pennant, pennent, pitcher, player, players, right filed, score, score card, scorecard, seating, seats, second base, second baseman, sheffield, shortstop, single, slide, slider, spit ball, strike, third base, third baseman, triple, umpire, walk, wall, waveland, wrigley, wrigley field, wrigleyville