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Hannah Summers
Member Since October 2007
Artist Statement

Hello, my name is Hannah, I’m a British artist and photographer based in the UK.

italmacro is a body of work born of a passion for the nature in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful and romantic lands in the world. I had the good fortune to live there for a year and the blessed region of the Val d'Orcia in Southern Tuscany, with it's gentle undulating hills and the lesser known but breathtaking Monte Amiata will remain in my heart forever.

It was here that the inner peace I had craved came to me quite naturally after years of creative block. The silence, the light, the air, the Tuscan way of life and the wild nature surrounding me all slowly helped to release an inquisitiveness that I had not felt since I was a child. Instinctively, I felt compelled to record the wild beauty that surrounded me and these personal adventures with my camera have resulted in the collections of fine art giclée prints you see in the galleries below.

Nearly all of these images are shot in the gardens and estate of Palazzo Cervini, a beautiful, peaceful, renaissance palace set in the heart of southern Tuscany. Pope Pio II Piccolomini, in 1462 spoke of this special land "If there is a place in this world where the gentle shadows, silver springs, green, green grass and joyous fields can attract the attention of poets, then this…is that place!” Indeed his words are true to this day. This unspoilt, special land remains a place for peaceful contemplation and where one can truly be at one with nature and it's beauty.

The macro lens can enter into and reveal the intimate beauty of flowers, plants and leaves that usually remain hidden from the naked eye. I want to share with you the sense of awe I felt every time I witness up-close some of nature’s most miraculous colours, patterns and forms.

I believe that the beauty inherant in all natural forms has a right to be reproduced faithfully, after all, who am I to artificially embellish what nature has so gracefully given us to appreciate? I want to remain as faithful as I can to the colours, tones that I see. Therefore, apart from minor adjustments to exposure and contrast, I refrain from any digital alteration to my work.

The Passion of the Poppy

My homage to this most naturally beautiful summer flower. A flower so fleeting and delicate yet has evoked a powerful symbolism for thousands of years


A small journey with my lens into the wondrous fruits and forms growing peacefully in the heavenly olive groves of the Mediterranean

Into the Iris Blue

A collection of macro studies of the wondrous blue violet hues of the beautiful, sculptural, erotic bearded iris Germanica

Zen Flowers

A personal collection of macro floral prints that highlight the amazing spiritual and healing properties of flowers.

Sensual Flowers

My homage to the intimatly sensual, feminine and erotic nature of flowers.

Winter Solace

A collection of cool, sparkling macro images depicting a winter in Tuscany


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Style Contemporary
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