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Mitzi Humphrey, Midlothian, Virginia
Member Since December 2007
Artist Statement "Serial Witness: Sequential Prints of Mitzi Humphrey"
March 2008. art6 Gallery, 6 East Broad St., Richmond, Virginia. art6 Gallery: 2008 commandPrint Southern Graphics Council Conference. Garth Newel musicians from Warm Springs, VA at art6 Mar. 9, 2008.

CURATOR: "Books, Broadsides, et alia". Print invitational featuring works by Kelly Nelson, David Freed, Walter Garde, Jacob Urbanski, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Jamie Mahoney, Sandra Wheeler, Kerri Cushman, Mitzi Humphrey, Janice McMurray, Bill Kinsey. March 2008. art6 .

CO-CURATOR WITH HENRIETTA NEAR; "International Prints from Virginia Collections". David Freed, Gail McKennis, Eleanor Rufty, Jack Solomon, Sister Mary Corita (aka Corita Kent), Laura Pharis, Julyen Norman, Sheryl Humphrey, Norman Ackroyd, Tanja Softic, Bruce Onobrakpeya, Aristide Maillol, Nicholas Cossitt, Mary Holland, Carlisle Vicenti, Jack Glover, Janet Gilmore Bryan, Margot Blank, Francisco Londono, Crispin Vayadares, David Bromley, Jane Ware, Etta Edwards, Andrew Campbell, Jim Lee, Marawar, Bill Bevilaqua, Susanne Arnold, and others. March 2008. art6

"ONE/OFF Printmakers: 25th Anniversary Exhibition". March 2008.
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio Gallery, 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA. SGC Reception. ONE/OFF Printmakers, a group of Richmond-based artists who share an interest in innovative approaches to printmaking. Ann Chenoweth, Warren Corrado, Nick Cossitt, Janet DeCover, Steven Fishman, David Freed, Walter Garde, Joan Gaustad, Janet Gilmore, Jack Glover, Tucker Hill, Mary Holland, Kate Horne, Mitzi Humphrey, Kris Iden, Dawn Latane, Kelly Nelson, Chris Palmer, Laura Pharis, Carolyn Sharp, Ed Steinberg, Barbara Tisserat, Randy Toy, Philip Wetton, Dennis Winston.

"ONE/OFF Printmakers: 25th Anniversary Portfolio ONE/OFF Exhibition".
Schindler Gallery, East Broad St., Richmond, VA. March 2008

"ONE/OFF Printmakers 8 x 10" 2005 portfolio at Pauley Center, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. August 2008.

"I approach art as a form of experimentation and ritual, seeing the cosmic in the microcosmic, and seeing the artist as part of both worlds..." -- Mitzi Humphrey, 1997

"The artist's words [above] provide an instructive point of entry into this four-decade survey of Mitzi Humphrey's prints and related works. In reviewing the results of her creative investigations from 1955 through 1999, it is fascinating to note the persistent recurrence of certain formal strategies and thematic interests. Traveling through the exhibition with an attentive eye, one becomes aware of similarities that are sometimes masked by differences in style and format. Ideas and images appear, fade, and are resurrected in altered versions; new contexts providing fresh meanings. Demonstrating an evolving sophistication and complexity, refinements of intention and execution, the art reveals a mind engaged in the serious play of disciplined studio practice and a heart open to the suggestions of intuition and the adventure of life experience. . . .

". . . Albert Einstein states 'The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.' Aspiring to find 'the universal in the specific and the ordered in the apparently chaotic' through the making of her art, Mitzi Humphrey acknowledges the allure of the unknowable and the potency of that fundamental emotion. In a variety of visual persuasions, from sculptural books to printed constructions, at wall scale or in miniature, she reminds us of the rewards of paying attention, and in so doing celebrates our capacity for wonder." -- Barbara Tisserat, 1999


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