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Cheryl Tarrant, Tennessee
Member Since October 2009
Artist Statement I am drawn to the dark side of humanity and the depths to which our souls go to learn. Stories and words, I need them. I was born and raised in Orange, California however I am now a Tennessean. A great deal of my inspiration comes from memories of my Grandfather's ranch where I spent hours as a child exploring barns and orange groves. I am passionate about our earth and try my best to support local farmers and farmers markets. I love animals and have a thing for cows. It would be common for me to stop on the side of the road and watch them and converse with them. I believe in people making grand changes in our world through passion and drive.

"Cheryl's artwork is of a magical world filled with butter skies, golden fields, crooked covered porches, guardian birds, sweetness and sometimes sorrow. It allows us to look into that child's face and see deeper or reach out and touch that soft retriever's ears. It is always a story...sometimes a fairytale, sometimes a poem, sometimes a page out of a diary.

Her artwork is always inspiring and her kind words - encouraging. Her natural talents are enriched with, what I have gathered, her humility and grace. I always jump right to her thumbnail and am always thrilled. Thank you for sharing this talents and inspiration!"

"Cheryl's work is infused with wisdom. The cracks, fissures and pain that come with living are everywhere in her pictures, but so is her heart and intelligence. Jewell's stream is one of the hardest ones for me to look at because it stops me and reminds me to do more than survive you have to be willing to feel the pain - you have to look reality straight in the eye - you have to let go. I think she does this and I think that's why she's able to show darkness with so much beauty and light.

I imagine Cheryl out with her camera, and the stories waiting to be told swirling around her hoping it's their turn."

"There are many gems to be found in the art world, but only one Precious Cheryl. Her work has both moved and inspired me since my first steps in this profound odyssey; every piece possesses a depth that broadens one's perspective, opening the eyes to so much, touching the soul. You shine brilliantly, and thank you for sharing your wondrous world with us."


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