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Linda Hammar - Del Favero, South Holland, IL
Member Since September 2008
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My paintings are done free hand and are not traced or by using the grid method. They are authentic paintings done the old fashioned way with patience and skill. I use many layers of semi-transparent paint to add depth of color. This is how DaVinci painted, but he used oil paint. I take photos of what I find beautiful or humorous and use minor editing. Sometimes I take a photo and use software to manipulate it digitally to resemble a painting, and call it a photo painting. I like texture and impasto and collage. When there is texture, the paintings seems more real to me like it coming out of the canvas into this reality. A print of a photo or painting can be enhanced with texturizer clear or tinted added to the surface to show brush strokes simulating a real painting. Every artist has their own vibration that is recorded in their creation and resonates with the viewer. The artwork or photo has its own energy and vibration. There are three components, the energy of the artist, the energy of the image and material of the artwork, and the energy of the viewer that create an artistic experience, whether harmonious or not.

My objective of putting my art online is to show it, of course, and to earn money to be given to my favorite charities after art supplies are paid for. Some artwork I do I want people to reflect and think. I am a former art teacher. I have always been an artist and love to create, whether in the visual arts as an artist or photographer, gardening or with words. I did my first portrait of my baby brother when I was eighteen months old on a piece of the cardboard that comes with a new shirt. My mother was amazed. I just remember it was fun. I doodled throughout school to alleviate the boredom of the regimentation and suppression of creativity. I paint mostly in acrylics and sometimes watercolor, but am trying oils again, although the slow drying time requires patience. I like impasto and texture and being able to touch a painting that has a sculptural feeling to it. I love my computer most of the time except when it freezes, and love being able to put my artwork online and view other's art and learn from them. It's my window on the world. My pets are my friends and entertainment. Nature calms and renews me. My art is my connection with God's spirit and my legacy. I lead a quiet life with much reflection. I like to think that long after I am gone, my art will live on and at least someone will enjoy what I created and know that I existed. Why do we create art? Is it a bid for immortality, or because it's enjoyable, challenging, and puts us in tune with the creative flow that we like to share? I think the latter, because if its the former we won't be around to enjoy the accolades and compliments anyway.

I wish I had a lot of money so I could give most of it away to those in need and well rated charities. I'm one of those artists who would like to earn enough through my art to be able to benefit good charities. Creating art is a talent I was given and worked hard to develop and I am very grateful for having. Now that I am older and have lived through accidents and injuries, I am disabled and in constant pain. But I can still create even if my life is limited. The skill didn't happen overnight. What many people do not realize is that creating art is just plain hard work and I get tired, and then it's time to take a break and come back fresh. It's hard on the eyes, back and is emotionally draining and you get mental fatigue from all the concentration. Non artists think it's just fun, but the pleasure comes more toward the end when the painting is amazingly turning out better than you hoped.


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Subjects Floral & Plants, Floral & Still Life, Seasons, Summer
Style Realism
Tags Delfavero, Hammar, Hammar - Del Favero, Linda, acrylic, everlasting, flowers, hibiscus, impasto, painting, petunias, summer