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Paul Butters, Lytham, St. Annes
Member Since March 2008
Artist Statement Born in Margate, Kent, England in April 1980 i did not put brush to canvas until Feb 2007! I would sketch and doodle at an early age and in Infant School would often be reprimanded for this. Me and a friend would create mini-comics based on original ideas and concepts. In Secondary School Art & English were the only lessons i paid any attention in, i once got an A+ for my recreation of Picasso's "Crying Woman" and began to develop early tastes for surreal and abstract art, but never truly applying myself. The school would not let me continue in Art and so i branched into Music and flunked the last 2 years of school thinking i would be a signed Rock Star within a short space of life...unfortunately this was not too be and i fled the Music scene and forgot about being creative and joined the Rat Race, working jobs i could never hold down, being in relationships i felt mis-understood in and spent most of the next 10years of my "boring" life feeling frustrated and non-existent. Then in 2006 a close friend gave me a bag of Art Supplies ( i can't remember the reason), and i started sketching with the pencils and paper and charcoals contained within, also included where a pack of half used Oil Pastels which i first used on my piece "Hide" using charcoals and oil pastels to create a lonely, awkward figure, framed in a darkness that i felt i was struggling through at the time. All through the afore mentioned times i had lived in Thanet, Kent, when in Late July / August 2006 i met a girl who i would move to Blackpool, Lancashire with, whilst shopping in Wilkinsons i discovered dirt cheap Oil & Acrylic Paints, Boards and Canvas'. I purchased a few items and over the following months produced my first (if rather shoddy) pieces of "Artwork" (As You Are, Flowher I & II), friends commented on the pieces and i felt rather happy with my labours of kneeling in a living room stinking of Enamel paints and listening to Tool with images of Jackson Pollack and some of his pieces roaming through a musical landscape i escape to in my strange brain. I am not a great pupil of Art,(as my form shows), or a studious reader of Past & Present Art Masters, but i believe i have a unique eye and outlook, my paintings and sketches are all mood and emotion related, some born from frustration and rejection, some from elation and placidity, but all from within. (I also post blogs to www.myspace/ I hope whoever views my pieces / work is intrigued, and that each piece forces the viewers imagination to conjure their own interpretation of what their eyes are witnessing, and that they take away a piece of what i have created in their minds and relate to it in their own unique way. Much Love. Paul.X


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