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Ellen Beauregard, Paradise
Member Since March 2009
Artist Statement My paintings create a pathway through visual communication to subjects that I have observed and appreciated in their raw form. I express my passion about the subjects using their organic form and portray how they make me feel. I then turn that feeling into my muse of inspiration in order to communicate what cannot be described in words or thoughts alone. I have been told that my artwork causes people to see hidden imagery, and that people can feel my passion in my work.

I find beauty everywhere, but I mostly appreciate nature and organic forms such as fruit, animals and landscapes. Nature is a large part of my inspiration as well as finding beauty in the mundane. In addition to my fine arts education, Rodin has significantly influenced my work. Much like Rodin my subjects reveal themselves from the whole through my work with layers of paint, and ultimately stand on their own. I begin a painting with basic line work to reflect the composition and then build up layers of paint, sometimes adding a layer and sometimes taking one or more away. After a solid layer of acrylic paint, I change to mixed media to solidify a layer of tar-textured paint and then use oil paint to create even more layers. Lastly, I paint a protective varnish layer, which creates a glossy, shining luster while encapsulating all of the underlying media together. Sometimes I take multiple images that I have seen and combine them into one image, which allows me to more accurately deliver my emotional response. This process provides me with an overall understanding of representing an image and allows me to capture the essence of my experience of the subject through color and density of line.

My work is unique in essence as it reflects my ever-evolving emotional experience and creative consciousness. I am a retired military veteran, and in order to perform my duties to the fullest while serving in the Marine Corps, I had to disconnect from my emotional side that sees the smaller pictures inside the larger ones. I have since reconnected with my passion for art and expression, and every day of painting brings me closer to my spirit and my passion from which I create. While working, I experience a fleeting emotion or a particular flow of emotions which guide me as I layer paint to pull out the image. When looking at my work in retrospect, I often recall my struggles while working to connect my mind and emotions, while seeing the flow between the two in my appreciation and interpretation of my subject.

As an artist, I aspire to furthering my connections to and appreciation of beauty in the things right in front of us that are so easily overlooked during our busy lives. In addition to communicating my emotions and experience of beauty in my work, I am gaining more public exposure and hearing others experience and views of my art forms. This creative dialogue, in turn, fuels my artistic passion and expression.


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Subjects Animals, Décor, Fishing, Insects, Sports & Recreation
Style Contemporary
Tags Beauregard, Ellen, copper, dragonflies, orange