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Outrega Anderson, Queenstown
Member Since March 2015
Artist Statement - Introduction -
To begin with I would like to explain the nature of this study and practice of "The Forest Doctrine". For it is a dynamic living experience. Forever in a state of change , forever exploring new frontiers of self, and forever getting lost. In order to find something you never thought existed.
To understand the infinite within limitation and to forget what you already know in order to know it differently is what the forest doctrine presents.
It is a doctrine of being and non being. Of standing before the Abyss and smiling, imagining what can become. Of exploring the shadow and giving it light.

It is Alchemy.

In the morning of light,
we view upon veiwers,
to the glory of sight.

The Forest Doctrine is as old as the hills with which the trees grow on. A culmination of many different influences from many different areas of the galaxy. For that is what the Earth is. A school for learning how to interact with differing frequencies. Of experiencing energy through form to explore other ways of being.

Terra, Terra, Terra.
In the desert oasis of the God.
Life giving water,
surrounded by water in various form,
Society is constructed,
and all form is merging, interacting,
Groups with different toungue,
different belief.
Though all with similar purpose,
to live life experience.

The Earth is the forefront of the universes evolution. It has so much diversity and I am often bewildered at the complexities of its design. Where to go from here pops into my head when looking at this place, because their is no one direction but all direction. That their is how a sun is designed, Light in all directions. Worlds within worlds within worlds. AMAZING!

The art work that i am presenting to you on this site is my way of waking up.A choice I made before I arrived here and something that scares the living shit out of me. These are all journeys within the self, exploring the underlying energy of form, of my self, individualized and the self, collective.
From Global to Multidimensional is the process the Earth is going through at the moment. Re-activating the energy centers within the body and the Earths grid. To have these in balance and in sync with each other so that we can be more empowered within. Their are untold factors that are driving this process, both seen and unseen, from this world and others. The gates are opening again and the veil is being lifted in all manner of ways by all different beings. It is truly a remarkable feat. So enjoy these stories, of the experiences that I have had and what I have seen.

Love and Light


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Subjects Dreamscapes, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Spiritual & Religious, Spirituality
Style Surrealism
Tags Anderson, Outrega, cave, eternal, goddess, gods, history, memories, old, portal, stars, stone