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JU-CHUL KIM, seoul
Member Since March 2010
Artist Statement I was born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do in April 8th, 1963.
My father, with a high taste for the art, had always been enjoying calligraphy, oriental painting, and Korean classical music. He had learned how to draw from Baekryun Huh (one of the greatest artists in Korean paintings), and I once stayed at his art shop located in the Mudeung mountain when I was young (around 5). Our family conducts a test of the taste of music at about 4 years old- it is to follow rhythm with the drum. My sister, who is four years older than me, passed the test well and started to learn one of the Korean classic instruments called gayageum, awarding prizes from various contests to be called prodigy in the field of Korean classical music. She is now a professor in the major of Korean classical music at Chung-Ang University and is well known for one of the best gayageum players in Korea.
Unlike her, however, I could not pass the test, so I had to help my father grinding ink stick and rolling up some paper for his Korean painting, and writing in Chinese words I had no idea about using brush when I was five. To my recollection, I think my father had me stay away from the music to make me his helper. I had a difficult time in young, not being able to play and help my father draw Korean painting. Therefore, I stayed away from Korean painting since I was in middle school and preferred Western painting.
However, such a hard training in childhood helped me a lot to become an artist specializing in drawing. I grew without much attention or love from parents when I was young due to my sister who has been called as prodigy. Even now, I feel my parents pamper my sister more than me.
Therefore, during the puberty in my life on the first grade of middle school, I ran away from home for eight months and came back with stronger learning how to survive even though I did not commit suicide.
Re-entering the middle school on the first grade, I studied very hard. I could place myself on the top level of academics, it seems to be take care of the important the school while I ran away from home. I remember I was near the level of being able to go to renowned high school at that time.
In addition, my art teacher started for the new post while I was contemplating for hope and career in the future. He was born as the eldest son among six brothers and one sister in his family, starting to draw in a difficult situation where he had to take care of his brothers and sister, and barely graduated university becoming recognized artist.
I joined to a drawing club because I liked drawing and had a talent of it. In addition, I became his beloved disciple, helping him clean in his work place to learn how to draw. I was able to forget how lonely I was while drawing that I have always been drawing anytime at any places including hill, mountain, or ancient palace at a young age.
I once was really sick in the winder of the first year in middle school but started drawing the water color for a quarter of a day while watching ice over the window, expecting to be recovered. The painting was freeze at that time, making me feel how fresh it was to watch colors changed while the painting was melted at home. I graduated middle school with a special preference in drawing.
I entered an art high school to learn all the basics in various genres developing a dream to be an artist, and all the basics I learned at that time laid such a great underpin of my current drawing. I majored my studies in plastic art in order to learn three-dimensional structure, my weakest part in the field of fine art. I could experience and learn three-dimensional structure that now I find myself with diversification and more freedom in drawing.
The happiest moment in my life is when I draw something. Therefore, my drawings are all delineating something bright and splendid. In the picture, all my pleasures and sorrow are expressed in love. I hope to feel happy with all of whom enjoy my drawing


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Subjects Christianity, Spiritual & Religious
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