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Francis(Franny) Albright, Arizona
Member Since March 2007
Artist Statement Please let me know what you think!
e-mail me at if you have ANY advice or tips
you could offer me! Your feedback will be GREATLY appreciated.

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I enjoy nature and wildlife. I am almost done with an associates of science degree, I am a Biology Major and want to work in Wildlife Management and Environmental Conservation.
Many of my pieces are inspired by my children ages 9 and 4. Most of my work has an underlying theme as well: portray the beauty of earths diversity to inspire others to actively help preserve it. . . Before it's too late. I love to paint with oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastel, even crayons and glitter if the mood strikes me!
I was a lot more active in showing, displaying and selling my art when I was in High School, after a few mishaps though I got discouraged and quit promoting my art. Now that I have kids though, I want to show them that it's best to never give up on your dreams, so I'm back at it! I have many other original works available for sale, e-mail me at if interested or if you have ANYTHING on your mind after seeing my art. Your feedback really will be GREATLY appreciated. Check out my on-line store when you have a chance at:


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