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Ivan Stringer, Somewhere in Space
Member Since July 2007
Artist Statement Greetings!!! from western Tasmania.
The frontier of modern civilisation.
Tasmania is a small triangular island that hangs like a scrotum beneath the eastern side of Australia. It is also relatively close to New Zealand and Antarctica.
I say Tasmania....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Global Warming YAY!!!!

As a child when i was around 4 or 5 i was asked by my preschool teacher what i would like to be when i grew up. I said i would like to be the ruler of the known universe thanks. I was basically informed that this was a silly idea. Shortly after i had finished standing in the corner facing the wall i decided to disguise this ambition by telling everybody that i wanted to be an Artist. This was a more acceptable career choice and because i was gifted with an ability to paint it seemed to get everyone off my case until i got to college.

At this point the real world/society became such a drag i decided to disappear into the majestic wilderness of western Tasmania where i lived in a cave as a wild man for seven years. This period of isolation became my nature photography period and at the end of it i had gained a great deal of success in this medium. I produced two books containing my imagery and I won the Peter Dombrovskis wilderness photography award which is a pretty good thing to win if you live in Tasmania.

But my true passion still lay in painting so i went to the school of visual and performing arts in Launceston a city on the other side of Tasmania. There in 2006 i completed a Bachelor of contemporary Art with honours majoring in painting. My work has gone all over the world in the form of my books and prints i have had numerous exhibitions with works in various private collections. Now i am living back in the wild open spaces of western tassie and i am trying to reach people like you who live in other interesting places around the world.

I believe in art universal, as existence is an endless object and we are all made of the same atomic matter as stars. Electromagnetism like art is our common thread it unites us all. I also believe in the resurrection of toast and the free will of powdered sweat. So you are probably better off disregarding everything i have just written. Anyway I hope you enjoy my work


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