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Cesar Iriarte, Mangawhai Heads
Member Since September 2008
Artist Statement Cesar Iriarte is a conceptual artist working in the digital realm. His
work unfolds in series composed of elaborate imagery that radiate from
an overarching idea. His varied work pleases the eye and stimulates the
senses while engaging the mind—simultaneously. At its core, his work
intends to illuminate, by forging connections between the ordinary and
the esoteric; and by exploring perception, metaphysics, and other
abstract ideas not visible to the naked eye.

For some viewers, the complex ideas driving the work may be secondary to
the sheer visual pleasure of the lively colors, dazzling geometric
patterns, and subtle collages of organic imagery. But the work has an
undeniably cerebral quality. “I think because the work operates on multiple
levels, it also serves multiple functions,” he says. “My work is there
for the mind and the eye.”

Cesar’s latest project is called “Search for Te Opuaraa” (SFTO). As in
previous large-scale concepts of his, it is based around a central
theme, “to follow your bliss be in the now”—per mythologist Joseph
Campbell’s work. From this theme, a wealth of visual metaphors and
sub-themes emerge. One of SFTOP’s series is called “Evolving Fractals,
Waves & Patterns,” and includes more than a hundred images of the named
phenomena—which are all individual representations of the central theme.

The idea for SFTO was inspired by Cesar’s love of surfing, which for him
is no mere recreation, but the basis of a living cosmology. “‘To follow
your bliss be in the now’ means paying attention to everything around
you, and in everything, surfer that I am, I see waves,” he says. “The
fractal parallels the pattern form, in that it’s a microcosm, or smaller
version of a larger thing. Fractals and patterns—which visually,
materially, are essentially waves—relate to human life in ways that are
definitely not just symbolic.”

Another SFTO series called “Code Zero Space” alternates between
abstraction and hyper-digital styles, and delves into the meaning of “be
in the now.” As in Cesar’s previous works, each image within this series
has the potency to satisfy on its own, while simultaneously underscoring
the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cesar is an aesthetic entrepreneur whose artwork is as industrious as it
is idea-fueled and visually intricate. It’s no coincidence that digital
technology figures prominently in his art—as an overt theme or subtext,
and as a means of production.

Cesar operates well outside the commercial/institutional structures of
the traditional art world, embracing the independence offered by a
thriving network of like-minded artists and art-buyers. Architects,
corporate art buyers, and interior designers have responded favorably to
Cesar’s work, finding that it complements certain spaces dramatically.
The technology that fuels his art has also made it quite versatile; most
of his current work can be customized to accommodate most projects.


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Subjects Abstract, Color, Organic, Philosophical, Spiritual & Religious, Spirituality
Style Abstract
Tags Cesar, Iriarte, abstract, art, bright, colorful, contemporary art, czrart, digital Photography, digital art, explosive, fine art, philosophical, photography, spiritual, unfoldment, wall of paradise