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María Dolores Bolívar, San Diego
Member Since July 2007
Artist Statement I was born in Hermosillo, Mexico, and grew up in one of the busiest, most populated cities in the planet, la ciudad de México (Mexico City).

San Diego, California is my current home. Not very fast paced, but still beautiful. I have traveled through enough miles to feel like I have a sense of what the world looks like. I still need to go to Greece, Egypt and China. I said "need", as I truly must know those three magnetic spots, almost like Vespucci and Magellan needed to circumnavigate the planet to corroborate its spherical shape. At about eight, along with two other sisters, I spent months digging a hole in the garden. Our plan was to take a short cut to China.

I came to photography as a journalist. I love writing, way beyond a thousand words but, though never a substitute to words, I think images are magical… they summarize, convey, capture, transmit, redeem… all in a few micro millimeters of light. When we are not looking, the reality images conceal awakens and comes to life. As a child I carried on long dialogues with people in portraits and spent long minutes trying to figure out what kind of a hidden mechanism activated that mega reality contained in silver plates or in paper… a reality that will outgrow us, our dreams, our times…

My name is Maria, like the emblem of Catholics, the universal mother. I was born close to Easter so I carry on, as middle name, Dolores (ditto the pains of the passion). If I were to list my godlike protectors I must name at least St. Jude, advocate of lost causes, St. Michael, warrior against all evils and Saint Niño of Atocha, miraculous beyond belief. Only I live to value the everyday sanctity of things we touch and feel, here and now.

I would give up mirrors, money and most mundane goodies for traveling, camera in hand, and being able to narrate what I see.

My seven wonders: digital cameras, trains, boats, the electric bulb, telegraphy, film and the Sierra Madre Occidental. Oh, I am absolutely inseparable from my lap top.

Here is my testimony! ¡Yo lo vi!

María Dolores Bolívar
Ph.D Literature and Cultural Studies
University of California, San Diego


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