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Sid Campbell, Oakland, California
Member Since August 2006
Artist Statement About Artist Sid Campbell

The Warrior Artist of Dragunshire

Artist and author Sid Campbell’s passion for Hawai’iana and traditional ancient weapons lore is reflected in the original artwork found in his 400 page coffee table hardback book titled Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawai’i (To be in worldwide fine bookstores and national chains in September 28, 2006). His inspiration comes from legendary artist and Hawaiian living treasure Herb Kawainui Kane, who artfully captures the essence of Hawai’i’s past, realistically imagining the days long before the arrival of Europeans in 1778. In his own art, Sid Campbell also tries to convey the cultural lore and mystique surrounding the ancient koa fighters. He has spent a decade painting a gallery-sized collection of highly detailed Hawai’ian and contemporary Japanese and Okinawa Warrior Art. Campbell was inducted into the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society’s Hall of Fame in 2005, an honor that symbolizes his love for the culture, traditions, and lore of the warrior arts of ancient Hawai’i. His Japanese samurai and ukiyo-e (floating world Art). This soon-to-be-published coffee table book titled The Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Japan and the Ryukyu Kingdom. His inspiration for Japanese art came from the famed artist Hisashi Otsuka presently living in Hawai’i.
Other of his highly detailed fine art will be featured in a future book titled The Adventures of Sir Sid of Dragushire: In search of the Golden Dragon in the Lost Temple of the Sun. All of which can be viewed on the Internet at
This Warrior Art Gallery will provide you with a glimpse into the art and style one one other the preeminent warriors artists of our time.

His Giclee canvas fine art museum quality prints can usually be purchased beginning at about $400.00 per Giclée canvas limited edition (L/E) signed and number (S/N) museum quality print. Of course that changes as fewer and fewer of his limited editions become available. Enjoy your tour through the Kingdom of Dragunshire.

Karate grandmaster Sid Campbell’s bold and vivid paintings capture his fascination for minutiae in the background of many pieces. They typically reflect a historical time prior to the intervention of the western world’s interest into Asia and the Polynesian cultures. His beautifully bold and vivid oil paintings capture what the artist must think about what was plausible during that distant era. Other paintings take a more modern artistic approach to ancient Hawaii and Japan. Often present is the contrast between Hawai’i as a paradise and Hawai’i as a brutal Stone Age warrior culture and a time in Japan when the famed Samurai warrior was the elite caste in Japanese history.

Many consider Sid Campbell a modern-day “Renaissance man” due to his varied skills and interests: artist, writer, film producer, promoter, actor, graphic artist, designer, inventor, jewelry maker, educator, historian, lecturer, martial arts grandmaster, scriptwriter, and photographer. What many also find facinating is that he also sleeps!

As a leading authority on traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts, Grandmaster Sid Campbell has written fifty books on various topics including: Ninja Shuriken Throwing, The Weapons of Okinawa, Shadows of Darkness: Secrets of the Night Fighter, Exotic Weapons of the Ninja, Kobudo Weapon Fighting: Techniques, Tactics and Styles, Balisong, Lethal Filipino Knife Fighting, The Mercenary's Tactical Handbook, Kata: The Essence and Inner Meaning, Martial Arts Philosophy Made Easy, The Samurai Chronicles (Trilogy), Ancient Fighting Secrets of the Yin-Yang, Weapons of Okinawa: A Devastating Kobudo Arsenal, Kobudo Weapon Fighting: Tactics, Techniques and Styles, Weapons of the Samurai: The Bushido Arts of War, The Dragon and the Tiger: Bruce Lee and James Yimm Lee’s Creation of Jeet Kune Do (A 5 book set that is featured on and numerous other ti


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