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Parker Bradley, Alamogordo, USA
Member Since August 2006
Artist Statement

Available for custom project work and contracting -- commercial, artistic, and scientific.

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***   About the imagery ***: While I enjoy and work with a variety of artistic media (colored pencils, oil-based pastels, etc...), I focus primarily on digital photography (no pun intended); with an emphasis on aerial and pin-hole work. I also produce original, "pure" digital creations and manipulations. Some of the software tools I utilize are Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, TrueSpace (by Caligari), Bibble Pro, and others. I have grown especially fond of Digital Pinhole Photography. Pin-hole imagery tends to have dreamlike qualities, yet at the same time can be almost more real and meaningful that the sharp detail we are used to with lens-based photography. Many factors affect the visual properties of digital pin-hole images -- hole size, sensor noise, primary wavelength, etc... all interact in interesting ways to create the final image (keep on the look-out for my up-coming book on the subject). Vision is an interpretive process, that’s why pin-hole photographs are often so much more appealing of a given subject than a regular photograph. Pin-Hole images naturally invite the mind to explore and make its own interpretations. Pinhole imagery strikes at the meaning of the word "photography" -- Ancient Greek for, "light writing".

My "Second Photographic Love" is Aerial Photography -- probably because I just love flying! The world really is different from above. It is also very illuminating to take pictures, and otherwise document a site on the ground and then photograph the same area from the air -- it puts things into a much broader, and interconnected picture; often making sense of the nonsense, and illuminating the "Mountains" for the irritating, unimportant "mole-hills" they truly are.

*** Brief Bio ***  Mr. Bradley is Pres./Founder/C.E.O. of Heron Aerospace, Corp. ( -- a company engaged in scientific & engineering research & development, with an emphasis on propulsion, aerial imaging & analysis. Mr Bradley has a B.S. in Physics, & Graduate Work in Physics (Western Illinois University); Graduate Aerospace Engineering work at Syracuse University, and an M.Ed. Tech. from Lesley University. Graduate Research Fellow for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) at Rome Labs, NY. Over a decade of experience in independent technical consulting and contracting – ranging from computer programming and network system administration, to electronic circuit design and construction, as well as prototype development. Mr. Bradley & his company has been contracted for Technology Training for the Alamogordo Public School System, and does Educational Work with the New Mexico Museum of Space History, and Schools throughout New Mexico. He is also contracted by the City of Alamogordo, NM to manage the White Sands Regional Airport. Mr Bradley has over 20 years experience in various educational milieu – from conducting Aquatic Instruction and Therapy to private tutoring in Math, Science, Physics, History, Music, and Art; to formal classroom instruction in Math, Physics, and General Science. Hobbies include electronics, metal & wood working, music, and photography.

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