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Thomas Muniak Sr., Geneva, Ohio
Member Since May 2009
Artist Statement    Hay my name is Tom. I live near Geneva Ohio I lovingly call Hooterville. This is why
I greet people with "hay". It is a great area, but my move from the
city, Cleveland, to the country took some getting use to. Especially the
utilities, or lack of them. I designed and built my own log home. It was an
experience that I will NEVER forget. But I often try.

   I'm a retired police officer, from Tri-C in Cleveland Ohio, (YES a real
police office state certified just like city police, but actually more
jurisdiction). With my retirement, due to a back injury, came a massive life
change. And I'm still adjusting to changes. I was retrained was a computer tech
as they found out I loved techie stuff and computers. I never really followed
that career, but help friends.

   Looking for a hobby I started to collect sports cards and spent way to
much from 1998-2002. That got me on ebay, and I met some great guys and gals on
the "Trading Card Board" of ebay. I now have well over 500,000 cards.
Then somehow I started to get back into my love of animals that I had as a kid,
as I worked at an exotic pet shop as a kid 1992-1980. Life is strange. I again
worked there for about 6 years until my back issues just made it near impossible
to work on a regular basis. It got me out of the house, and I'll really miss it,
and really miss  my great customers. I do try to get in once in a while but
not like I use to. The shop specialize in reptiles, but do a few other things.
And over the last few years I have collected a few birds,, LOL. A few?

   I also chat in a few herp forums as HerpZillA. At this time, I have a
number of birds, a few reptiles, 2 dogs, to many cats, 2 great kids, and the
best wife in the world, just one. My reptile collection varies from time to time
and my many birds. As health permits I have rescue parrots and find homes for
them. So many people get a parrot and lose interest. Sad but true, so I help a

   I clearly love animals, and I wish I had quality shots of some of the
strange adventures I have had in life. Tigers, bears, Jackie the chimpanzee at
the Cleveland zoo, and way to many to list. BUT, Since I my wife bought me a
Nikon D50, 1/2 price at Wal-Mart too, I'm back into photography. Oh yea, i did
that too with my canon A-1, remember film gang? 

   I am greatly looking forward to all the covered bridges in my area,
trains, lakes wildlife, and maybe I can gain an eye for some other topics. I've
been on Image Kind for just a few days, and already I have 3 fans and such kind

   Thank You



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Subjects Animals, Birds
Style Portraits
Tags Muniak Sr., Naped, Thomas, amazon, birds, parrot, pet, yellow