Customer Comments
"I want to heartily thank the service staff at Imagekind for the wonderful job they did getting me ready for my first photo show. They were very attentive and understanding of my concerns, and handled my large job (52 framed photos) promptly and very professionally. My hat goes off to Sarah and Nate in customer service, and the kind person that framed my photos with complete and total elegance!"
San Francisco, CA, USA
"I just received my first prints from your company. First, I was impressed by the care you took in wrapping them—kraft paper, tissue paper, cardboard backing, and stiff photo envelope. Then I saw the prints themselves, and I was really delighted. One photo that I had sent showed a backlit daylily against a black background. The lighting in the original was very dramatic, and I feared that blowing up the image might wash it out. The print that I received was wonderful, and I wanted to let you know that I am a very happy camper. I will definitely use you again. "
Boxborough, MA, USA
"What a pleasure it has been to find an organization that cares as much about printing my images as I do. It's like getting the prints like I would have made them myself without putting the time, energy and financial resources into a large format print setup. And get this: they're genuinely nice people, too!"
Sparham Hall, Necton, England
"The framed poster arrived today and it was definitely worth it!"
Cincinnati, OH, USA
"I received the items in just a little over a week and they came wonderfully packed and in resuable boxes that I can store the work in until needed. After a quick phone call to check the order, a friendly customer service associate assured me the order should be shipped within the week. I received an email within hours that it had already shipped! I was prepared for it to take up to 3 weeks to allow the time to get everything in order, but I was shocked at the quick response.

All in all I am very impressed with the overall company and process and will definitely spread the news in my area about it and continue order from you in the future. The quality of everything is amazing and for an internet service, it is beyond impeccable. I really feel that this news should be passed on."
Pueblo, CO, USA
"The ordering process was great, the shipping was fast, and I am very pleased with the quality of the products. I was really surprised to find out that my favorite was the Somerset Velvet Fine Art paper. It added a rich texture and warmth that really complimented the image well. I highly recommend this! The canvas is of course beautiful. The size and clarity of the image is very good, and it looks great hanging on the wall in my living room. "
Denver, CO, USA
"We received our order today and the two prints are superb. Excellent quality. They were packaged very well. We are also impressed with the media kit. Our current site was more or less a demo. We will proceed with setting up our main account with public galleries. We are considering turning some smaller image files into fine art postcards. We would be delighted if your company could offer this service, with your same attention to detail, in the future. Thank you!"
Austin, TX, USA
"Thank you very much. Your support and service is awesome."
Mississauga, Ontario, CA
"I just received two prints I sent in last week. They look fantastic. I cannot tell you how happy I am with them. I will definitely be sending in more photos to print soon. Thank you very much for the wonderful work and the gorgeous prints."
Austin, TX, USA
"When I got here tonight the framed prints were here. They were shipped in a very timely manner and the packing material was really good. I was very impressed with the entire presentation. The quality of the framed prints are VERY good. No detail was left out. The back of the frame has the brown paper to keep the dust out, etc.. and in the corners are felt pads to keep the picture from scratching a wall. There is a nice hanger wire on them too."
Worcester, MA, USA
"I received the prints I ordered in a timely fashion. They were carefully wrapped and packed for mailing. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. I will be a repeat customer."
Santa Clara, CA, USA

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