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The Volcano Society is a polyptych of mixed media on 36 x 36 canvas. It is set in Massachusetts and is inspired by the Red Hat Society, a social organization for women approaching the age of 50 and beyond. While not specifically about the Red Hat Society, women of the Red Hat Society have a positive, influencing attitude towards middle age and femininity that became the basis for this series of canvasses. Author Stanzie Kensinger, Dan's wife, wrote a series of short stories around these images. Dan is a member of the group Negativland who make fine art, music, movies, radio and performances using found images and sounds. The paintings will be shown in Houston at the Texas Collaborative Art Projects and Nau-haus Gallery.In 2011, an expanded polyptych will be shown at the Museum of the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, California.
"Ideas and Prophesies"  (2010) by daniellynch
  • Walden Glow Walden Glow
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  • Ideas and Prophesies Ideas and Prophesies
from $ 11
  • Nothing More Nothing More
from $ 11
  • The Conversation The Conversation
from $ 11
  • The Volcano The Volcano
from $ 11

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