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Current Gallery: entropy ( piece)
Everything is falling apart. The families in our community. The buildings we live in. The economy we so futilely try to resurrect. Our own bodies. Everyone experiences loss. It takes a special kind of person, however, to embrace the paradox of actually living among so much death, to find something recognizable, even appealing, amidst the confusion and chaos. The world is in turmoil. War, famine, disease... they are still with us. Revolution, theft, murder... these are often our responses. Hostility is not the answer to our exasperated state of existence. The only hope we have of transforming the noise of the world into music is through art, our own art, our own creation. We can take the trash that is lying all around us and build something of it, something useful, something powerful, maybe even beautiful.
"A Bird That Is Dead and Flies"  (2005) by jasonleslierogers
  • A Bird That Is Dead and Flies A Bird That Is Dead and Flies
from $ 19
  • Brick Wall Accompanied by Red Brick Wall Accompanied by Red
from $ 19

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