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Current Gallery: photographia ( piece)
Ok, I'm posting photos in hopes of selling more prints. I've taken photos to help me with my paintings since I started out in my professional art career many many years ago. I'm good at it when I'm concentrating on a sense of design and ideas that I want the viewer to understand from a certain perspective. It takes a good eye to get the right photo and you don't need to be fancy about it. A good photo is a good photo and no amount of special equipment is going to make your eye better. Anyway, these photos represent certain feelings about Seattle over the years. I hope they impact you with idea of what Seattle can be, is most of the time, or just a good point of view of the place that is Seattle. I may throw in photos from other places and times so come back again and again to check out what I've brought to this gallery.
  • Tiger comin' at ya'! Tiger comin' at ya'!
from $ 11
  • The Spine in the Sky The Spine in the Sky
from $ 11
  • Hot August Night Fremont Bridge Hot August Night Fremont Bridge
from $ 11

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