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Are you a flickr member? is one of the fastest growing art communities on the web. We are dedicated to selling and producing your work with the highest quality framed giclee prints and recognized attention-to-detail.

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sell art, sell photos, prints and posters for free

sell photos, sell your art, sell prints and posters
Sell art prints and photos online for free
Sell photos and prints for free
Sell art online for free
sell photos online for free
Sell photos
Sell art
sell art, sell photos, sell prints and posters
  • Unlimited uploads - unleash your creativity, upload images as often as you want
  • Give your customer the best with museum quality printing and framing
  • Get a dedicated URL (
  • Display your art to a global audience in public, private or locked galleries
  • Keep your customer's eyes on your art with no ads on your site, customers can focus on your creations
  • Retain the copyright of all the images you upload to Imagekind
  • Uploads are easy using the onsite uploader, the bulk uploader*, the FTP or the Flickr import
  • Store high-quality images with unlimited bandwidth (TIF, JPG, or PNG files**)
sell photos and sell art online
  • Set the mark up for your art, and keep 100% of the profit ***
  • Create Art! Let us deal with the order processing, customer service packaging and worldwide shipping
  • Earn up to an additional 15% commission on frames, mats and glazing
Sell photos online for free
  • Learn and network with other great artists and members in the Imagekind Community
  • Create your own groups and discuss your favorite art topics
  • Show some love - become a fan or favorite art that you adore
  • Share your latest finds with the Facebook connect favoriting feature
  • Market your art effectively with Imagekind marketing tools. We are successful when you are
sell art online for free
  • Create your own customizable storefront, with an easy to remember URL
  • Choose from a selection of themes, and personalize it to match your style
  • Easy to manage and update - change your storefront as often as you like
  • Track visits to your storefront using Google Analytics
  • Make money by selling ads with your own Google Adsense (or keep it clean and ad-free)
  • Collect your shopper's email addresses with mailing list sign-ups
  • Search within your store - Customers find your art easily with your own storefront search
  • Secure Checkout & Payment Processing - credit cards and Paypal accepted
* Not currently available for Macs
** up to 10,000 x 10,000 px each
*** We retain 5% of anything marked up 100% or over to cover our transaction costs
sell art prints & photos online for free
"I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with your product... I love your interactive website- I was able to see just what my frame, matte, and print would look like together, which was wonderful. The box arrived via fed-ex on Friday. It was well-packaged to ensure that it wouldn't break. The print is beautiful-crystal clear-and the matte and frame are top-notch. You even included everything I needed to hang it! It was up on the wall within five minutes of unpacking it."
Mandy Hubbard
"I have done nothing but brag about your site to every artist I can get to stay for two seconds. The concept you have going is brilliant! Love the fact that you have the paper/frame and glass choices and how easy it is to use and upload items to your site. Your amazingly brilliant array of artists continue to inspire me and encourage me to work smarter and classier."
Londie Benson
"Congratulations on a fantastic site and I am sure you will be a great success. Having spent most of my career in the printing industry and having run my own framing shop and gallery it is particularly fascinating to see how you have managed to develop such a brilliant service."
Paul Helm
"Your support and service is awesome."
Adiseshan Shankar
"What an EXCELLENT setup. What a relief from other gallery sites, it took me no time to upload images and setup my gallery and pricing. And buying is just as easy! Now I don't need to feel embarrassed about sending people to an overly complicated site to buy my art, as your buying setup is simple, flexible and efficient.
Lucas Gaudette
"Wow! I just received my picture and was like a kid at Christmas opening it. The picture is just as advertised. The packing job was superior. FedEx delivered it a day ahead of schedule. An outstanding experience. I look forward to doing business with you again."
Bob Cook
"It has taken me a long time and a lot of money to find a printer that met with my standard of quality at an affordable price. My art has never looked as beautiful as it does when it comes printed from your company.
"I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site and the offering - making delivery of framed giclees to my customers this easy is a dream come true for me - truly."
"Let me tell you how impressed I have been regarding all the prompt & careful follow up I have gotten regarding sale negotiations and arrangements.

Imagekind is really a 1st class site and I'm so proud to be a member."
Jon Blumenaus
Benefits to sell your art and photos at Imagekind
Unlimited Images
Unlimited Storage & Traffic
Number of Galleries you can Showcase 3 100 250 250
Tags and Keywords to classify your work 10 50 100 100
Image and Categorization options (ie: Subjects, Genres, etc.) 2 4 8 8
Number of groups you can create 2 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Framing Commission 5% 10% 15% 15%
Highlighted Placement in Search Results
Priority Placement as Featured Artists
Open a Customizable Storefront
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Cost FREE! $7.99
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