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Imagekind gives you the tools to sell your artwork successfully. Here are some tips to jumpstart your Imagekind selling experience. Read on to find helpful information including the importance of organizing your artwork; how to boost your chances of being found when shoppers search; some excellent suggestions on where to begin when marketing your art; and how to effectively utilize the Imagekind community by becoming an active member.

Organizing your images is one of the first and most important steps when selling your artwork online through Imagekind.
Highlight images with the most views and comments by putting them in front of your gallery.
Best Images
Choose your best images from your collection and make them the most prominent. This might seem intuitive, but it is often overlooked. Show your best work! Put the images with the most views and comments in the front of your gallery.
Themed Galleries
Assemble your images in themed galleries. The more concise and cohesive the images within your galleries are, the more sense it makes to your shoppers.

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Online search, both on the Imagekind site and the web, provides you with some great opportunities to improve the shopping experience for your customers and increase your visibility. Search Engine Optimization allows search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to better find you. These tips will help your customers discover you more easily.
Adding tags to your images is a vital part of being found successfully within the Imagekind search function. Tags are search terms that your shoppers will input in order to find your artwork. Your tags should be a direct and accurate reflection of the content within your images.

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Make it easier for customers to find your work by using the Imagekind Taxonomy tool. Accurately categorizing your artwork, utilizing Taxonomy, allows shoppers to quickly find your artwork based on their specific artistic taste. With the Imagekind Taxonomy, you can classify all of your images based on subject, genre and medium by logging into your Imagekind artist admin. Set Price
Image Descriptions
Including detailed descriptions for each of your images will increase the likelihood of your images being found through outside search engines. Your image descriptions give shoppers the chance to connect with you and your artwork in a more in depth way. Writing where the artwork was created, why it was created, or what inspired you to create it are all things you should include in your description.
Artist Bio
When shoppers use outside search engines to find artwork that interests them, your bio can help direct them to your art. Filling your artist biography out is an excellent way for shoppers to connect with you personally, and is also a great place to include details about your artistic intentions. Reading an artist’s bio allows shoppers to find out more about the artist; where they come from, where they live, what inspires them and why they create. By filling out your Bio, you also make it easier for search engines to find you in your area of specialization. By providing that personal touch, shoppers can connect with you, your life and your artwork.
Market to Audience
Marketing your artwork on Imagekind is a very effective way to increase your art print sales. There are several things you can do to market your artwork and Imagekind provides tools to help you increase your marketing efforts.
Unique URL
Unique URL
Adding your unique Imagekind URL to your personal website is one of the best ways to drive targeted, direct traffic straight to your Imagekind galleries. Including a text link using your unique Imagekind URL on your website provides simple options for your fans to see and purchase your art prints.
Blogs and Networking sites can help you connect with your shoppers and find new fans who are interested in your artwork.
If you don’t have a personal website, you should consider starting a blog. There are several free options that allow you to setup a blog quickly and easily, including Wordpress and Blogspot. Creating a personal blog allows you to update your current shoppers about your artwork and drive sales to your art prints. Encourage customers to visit your blog regularly by updating your blog frequently with new and interesting content.
Online social networks are one of the fastest growing phenomenons on the web and are an excellent way to promote and market your artwork. Sites such as Myspace and Facebook are great places to connect with your existing shoppers, as well as find new shoppers who are interested in your art style and work. Set up a free account on any of these social networks, and start connecting with people and building your customer base. Just make sure to include your unique Imagekind URL and text links back to your artwork!
Boost sales, by keeping your fans up to date on your work via emails. Also, make sure to pay attention to Imagekind’s various promotions and discounts we send out. Forwarding these special deals on to your shoppers, friends and family allows them take part in the promotions we provide for your artwork.
Being an active Imagekind member allows you to learn from other artists and discover additional tips on selling your artwork. There are several outlets at Imagekind that allow member artists to connect, share, inspire, encourage and learn from each other. Being an active member of the community is a vital aspect of selling your fine art prints.
Sample Avatars
Join the community! The Imagekind Community is a fantastic place to connect directly with other Imagekind artist and staff.
Adding a profile picture, or avatar, may seem unnecessary when selling your artwork, but is very important! Your avatar is the first thing that your customers will see when visiting your profile, or searching for your name within Imagekind. Having an avatar will create more of a human interaction between you and your customer.
Commenting on other Imagekind members’ artwork is one of the best ways to stay active in the community. In addition to driving traffic to your galleries, you will be encouraging your fellow artists!
Fan and PM
Becoming a fan of other artists work and sending them private messages is an easy way to stay active and connected. These two features are perfect for contacting and interacting directly with other artists.
The Imagekind blog is an excellent resource for information, news and additional tips to help artists and shoppers connect and stay informed. Check out the blog regularly and share your opinions, thoughts, successes and questions. Commenting on blog posts is great for connecting with Imagekind and gaining exposure through your unique URL.
Imagekind Community
The Imagekind Community is a great place to connect directly with other Imagekind artists and staff. You can engage in the discussions on the Community Forum or join a group. There is always something happening at the Imagekind Community where members share real experiences, successes and questions with each other. It is a good place to go whenever you need some advice, or have ideas to share. Find out more!