Pricing Your Art
At Imagekind, we give you the control to set the price of your artwork at a variety of levels. You can set your prices for an entire gallery at a time, or for each individual image. You can always change your markup at any time, so it's a great way to experiment and find what works best. Visit the pricing section in your artist admin to change the prices of your artwork.
The default markup is 10% over the base price, but you can markup your work to whatever price you decide. Setting the prices of your artwork is easy and we have some helpful tips for those artists unsure how they should price their artwork.
  1. Investigate how other artists like you sell your work. You can do this by looking at similar artists on Imagekind or by going to local art fairs.
  2. Evaluate how you price your originals. Setting the price of your art prints relative to the price of your originals.
  3. Start with the standard. Many artists on Imagekind simply double the base price by marking their work up 100%. You can always adjust your prices accordingly whenever you'd like.

Gallery Level Pricing

Setting a price for your prints and greeting cards on the gallery level allows all images in a specified gallery to be sold on Imagekind. To get started, select a gallery using the Gallery drop-down menu. You can then specify a markup as a fixed amount or a percentage above the base price. Be sure to save each markup value you enter by clicking the "Save" button before selecting another gallery to price.

Image Level Pricing

You can also set a markup for prints and greeting cards one image at a time. To set the price for an individual image, click on an image in the image picker. Once clicked, the images will be tinted blue letting you know which ones you are working on. Next, click "set markup on selected images" and the markup window will appear allowing you to enter a markup value based on a fixed amount or percent. Once you set your price, click the "Save" button to make sure it applies.